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[….with its hellmarking formula easily recognizable in its projects, [Matrice] N explores the multiform and rich universe of contemporary dance.
Characterized by the power of its poetic universe and the originality of its languages, [Matrice] N’s artistic and technical objective is a game on creative synergies and a global development promoted and guaranteed by a continuous dialogue.



To bring a soft note in a strong contest where dance, with its forms and structures, can impose itself in a space. A contest where dance can not only design a space and live it, but also listen to it and try to understand it…..a contest where dance can synthesize a space and purify it…]

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[Matrice] N‘s headquarter is in Alatri, one of the main medieval cities in Ciociaria. The choreographic centre was born in 2010, with a view to create a place where innovation and education could be pursued, thanks to amateur courses, professional stages, artistic productiones, event organization,shows and special projects for schools.

With its two large bright rooms the association and its qualified staf assure the correct study and a good learning of the most important dance subjects, such as classical ballet, modern jazz, contemporary dance, leading towards avantgarde and experimantation.

During the academic calendar [Matrice] N organizes intensive stages with teachers internationally renowned such as Marisa Ragazzo, Omid Ighani, Karim Belharch, Mauro Astolfi, Samuele Cardini, Michele Abbondanza, Michela Lucenti, Laura Martorana, Caterina Inesi, Leslie Feliciano, Michele Oliva, Alessandro Bigonzetti e Gianni Martelletta.

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Since 2008, in collaboration with the Cultural Department of Alatri, [Matrice] N organizes the TanzFest, a platform where the main national dance companies and [Matrice] N’s students are the protagonists of the stage.


The Centre is also a space for creation and production of all the form of contemporary art, such as performing art and video installation. It can be a cultural habita for young people opened to the dialogue and the exchange among different kind of artistic languages. [Matrice] N in artistic residence the collective Ritmi Sotterranei.